Our Steering Group

Co-chaired by Professor Foltynie and Professor Carroll, the Steering Group is collectively responsible for the successful delivery of the project, according to the agreed timelines and budget, and have all agreed the Terms of Reference for the group.

Professor Roger Barker

 Professor of Clinical Neuroscience and Consultant Neurologist

 Co-Chair Trial Design WG

Professor James Carpenter

Professor of Medical Statistics Programme Leader in Methodology

Co-Chair Trial Design WG

Professor Anette Schrag

 Professor of Clinical Neurosciences and Consultant Neurologist

 Chair Outcome Measures WG

Dr Joy Duffen

Research Associate and Special Project Manager

Co-chair Funding & Sustainability WG

Professor Sonia Gandhi

Professor of Neurology and Consultant Neurologist

Co-chair Funding & Sustainability WG

Dr Kevin McFarthing

Research Officer and Parkinson’s Research Advocate

Chair Patient & Public Inclusion & Engagement WG

Professor Tony Schapira

Head of Clinical Neurosciences and Consultant Neurologist

Co-Chair Treatment Selection WG

Professor Oliver Bandmann

Professor of Movement Disorders

Co-Chair Treatment Selection WG

Dr Stephen Mullin

Associate Professor of Neurology and Honorary Consultant Neurologist

Chair Infrastructure WG

Professor Jeremy Chataway

Professor of Neurology and Consultant Neurologist

Chief Investigator Octopus trial

Additional Steering Group Members

Our Steering Group is Co-chaired by the EJS ACT-PD Project Lead’s, Professor Tom Foltynie and Professor Camille Carroll. The EJS ACT-PD Project Manager Georgia Mills also sits on the committee.