ICTMC 2022

The core team have learnt a great deal about effective and inclusive trial development at the 2022 International Clinical Trials Methodology Conference (ICTMC) in Harrogate. These insights will allow us to pre-empt and avoid many potential issues from impacting the overall success and experience of the EJS ACT-PD Trial.

Protocol Writing Meeting

We are delighted to announce that the EJS ACT-PD steering group, core team and patient representatives have recently conducted a 3 day Protocol Writing Meeting in which we thoroughly discussed and reviewed working group recommendations and made important trial design decisions for inclusion in our first draft protocol. This has resulted in brilliant progress and has instilled renewed excitement for the development of this revolutionary trial platform going into the new year!

PPIE Wider Network

We are looking for people with Parkinson’s and carers / partners, with an interest in research to form a wider network for the EJS ACT-PD project! Members of this network would be contacted with requests for further input when our Patient and Public Inclusion and Engagement (PPIE) Working Group feel wider contribution would be helpful. This might include being sent surveys, being asked to vote on options or being contacted to input on discussions. Find out more on our ‘Get involved‘ page!

Communications Team

We are delighted to announce that we have set up our communications team who will aid both internal and external communications including developing outputs in various formats e.g. educational videos to keep stakeholders and patients well-informed on trial progress.

MDS Congress 2022

The EJS ACT-PD team were thrilled to attend and present at the recent MDS Congress in Madrid! The congress provided an amazing opportunity to further our understanding of the latest management strategies and research outcomes for Parkinson’s disease. Our brilliant Clinical Research Fellows presented 6 posters detailing all of our Working Groups amazing progress over the past year. You can find these on our ‘Updates and Outcomes’ page!

Annual Event 2022

We held the EJS ACT-PD Annual Event in June 2022, a brilliant day where consortium members from across the world came together to celebrate the progress made since our launch event in 2021. Our members presented the project’s developments so far, collaborated on next steps and participated in a consortium-wide discussion to align our goals. The day was a great success and we are so grateful to all of our brilliant members for their dedication to the EJS ACT-PD Initiative.

Protocol Writing Meeting

We are delighted to announce that EJS ACT-PD held a very successful ‘Protocol Writing’ meeting in December 2022. Our Steering Group, Core Team, and patient and carer representatives thoroughly reviewed working group recommendations to make important decisions for our first draft protocol. This brilliant progress has instilled renewed excitement for the development of this revolutionary trial platform. We look forward to continuing our momentum in the New Year!