EJS ACT-PD Poster Hall

Welcome to the EJS ACT-PD Poster Hall. Here you can find the posters presented by the core team at many conferences, both internationally and across the UK. These can be found below organised by working group.

For background on each of these working groups, click the link below.

Poster Hall Contents

  • World Parkinson Congress 2023: 7 posters presented
  • Movement Disorders Society Conference 2022: 6 posters presented

World Parkinson Congress 2023

Poster Topics

1. Outcome Measures 

2. Treatment Selection

3. Funding and Sustainability

4. Including Patients and Care Partners in EJS ACT-PD Trial Design

5. Designing the protocol for evaluation of patient and care partner engagement in EJS ACT-PD

5. Understanding site capability for trial delivery of EJS ACT-PD

5. Towards a preliminary protocol for EJS ACT-PD

Movement Disorder Society Congress 2022

Posters by Working Group

1. Trial Design: Designing a multi-arm multi stage trial for Parkinson’s

2. Funding and Sustainability

3. Outcome Measures

4. Infrastructure

5. PPIE: Involving people with lived experience of Parkinson’s

6. Treatment Selection