What is the Role of the Infrastructure Working Group?

Our Infrastructure Working Group are responsible for ensuring that all of the necessary processes and infrastructure are in place across the UK to deliver the trial. They will ensure the trial is inclusive, deliverable and accessible for people with Parkinson’s to participate. 

    Meet the Chair

    Dr Stephen Mullin

    Dr Mullin is Associate Professor of Neurology and Honorary Consultant Neurologist at the University of Plymouth, interested in the genetic and clinical stratification of the risk of Parkinson disease. He delivered the first genetically stratified neuroprotective trial in Parkinson’s disease and devised, an internet based platform for genetic testing in Parkinson‘s.

    His research now mainly focuses on the use of artificial intelligence to gain mechanistic insights and improve care in Parkinson’s disease.

    Dr Mullin leads our Infrastructure working group which is tasked with assessing UK infrastructure to deliver complex clinical trials in Parkinson’s disease, as well as processes for data storage, analysis and integration.

    Members of this working group

    Dilan Athauda, Early Career Researcher University College London
    Huw Morris University College London
    David P. Breen University of Edinburgh
    Christian Lambert University College London
    Prasad Korlipara University College London
    Monty Silverdale University of Manchester
    Kailash P. Bhatia University College London
    Alison Yarnall Newcastle University
    Raj Khengar National Institute of Health Research UCLH Clinical Research Facility
    Helen Collins National Institute of Health Research, Thames Valley & South Midlands
    Fleur Hudson Medical Research Council Clinical Trials Unit, London
    Gareth Baxendale National Institute of Health Research, Leeds
    Rebecca Croucher National Institute of Health Research, Wessex
    Sandra Bartolomeu Pires University of Southampton
    Jennifer Allison National Institute of Health Research, Southampton
    Antony Morgan PPI member, London
    Sheila Wonnacott PPI member, Hampshire