Patient & Public Involvement (PPI)

What is the Role of the PPIE Working Group?

Our Patient & Public Inclusion & Engagement (PPIE) Working Group are responsible for providing feedback on the decisions and directions of each of the other 5 Working Groups, from their perspective as people with Parkinson’s and Care Partners. Their input is invaluable for ensuring the design remains focused on patient needs and can be successful in its goals.

Meet the Chair

Dr Kevin McFarthing

Dr Kevin McFarthing is a Parkinson’s Research Advocate, joint editor of the ‘Clinical Trial Highlights’ in the Journal of Parkinson’s Disease and a member of the Research Committee of Cure Parkinson’s Trust.

Dr McFarthing collated the Parkinson’s Hope List, a thorough database of potential new therapies in research and clinical stages for Parkinson’s disease.

Dr McFarthing leads our PPIE Working Group who input and feedback on all project decisions to ensure that the proposals are informed by, acceptable to and endorsed by patients and their care partners/families.

Members of this working group

Antony Morgan PPIE & Infrastructure member, London
Sheila Wonnacott PPIE & Infrastructure member, Hampshire
Paula Scurfield PPIE & Treatment Selection member, Kent
Dorothy Salathiel PPIE & Trial Design member, Hertfordshire
Sue Whipps PPIE & Trial Design member, Cornwall
Anna Jewell PPIE & Trial Design member, Hampshire
Laurel Miller PPIE & Funding member, Buckinghamshire
Eric Deeson PPIE & Funding member, West Midlands
Carroll Siu PPIE & Outcome Measures member, Kent
Michèle Bartlett PPIE & Outcome Measures member, Surrey
Jodie Forbes PPIE & Infrastructure 
 Keith Martin PPIE & Treatment Selection 
 Kuhan Pushparatnam PPIE & Outcome Measures 
Helen Matthews Cure Parkinson’s Trust, London
Amit Batla University College London
Nikul Bakshi Parkinson’s UK, London
Natasha Ratcliff Couch Health, London
Emma Lane

University of Cardiff

 Miriam Parry King’s College London