Funding & Sustainability

What is the Role of the Funding & Sustainability Working Group?

Our Funding and Sustainability Working Group are responsible for identifying funding opportunities for the project and ensuring the financial stability of the MAMS platform so that it can continue until we find a new treatment. They will put together an overall cost estimate for running the trial, including highlighting the cost-effectiveness of a MAMS design.

    Meet the Chairs

    Dr Joy Duffen

    Dr Joy Duffen is a Research Associate and experienced Special Projects Manager at Cure Parkinson’s Trust. Dr Duffen’s background lies within business assessment and development, start-ups and investment activities.

    She is passionate about improving the means by which we are able to bring new Parkinson’s treatments to patients.

    Dr Duffen co-leads our Funding and Sustainability Working Group in identifying funding streams for the EJS ACT-PD trial and ensuring financial sustainability of the platform.

    Professor Sonia Gandhi

    Professor Sonia Gandhi is a Consultant Neurologist and MRC Senior Clinician Scientist from UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology.

    Prof Gandhi co-leads the UCL QS Movement Disorders Centre, and leads a research program at The Francis Crick Institute that seeks to understand the molecular mechanisms that underlie familial and sporadic Parkinson’s disease using a combination of biophysics, chemical biology, and stem cell approaches.

    Prof. Gandhi co-leads our Funding and Sustainability working group alongside Dr Joy Duffen.

    Members of this working group

    Joel Handley, Early Career Researcher Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust
    Emily Henderson University of Bristol
    Maryanne Graham University College London
    Karen Matthews National Institute of Health Research, London
    Vince Greaves University College London
    Shona Clegg Parkinson’s UK, London
    David Dexter Parkinson’s UK, London
    Eric Deeson PPI member, West Midlands
    Laurel Miller PPI member, Buckinghamshire