Our Goal

Fast-tracking trials into treatments for Parkinson’s

We are at a critical time point in Parkinson’s research. The number of people with Parkinson’s is expected to reach over 12 million by 2040.

Exciting advances mean a number of treatments with the potential to slow Parkinson’s are waiting to be tested. Now we crucially need a way to speed-up their assessment and provide the Parkinson’s community with answers. The current clinical trial process is unable to match the urgent pace required. To accelerate this process, there is a desperate need for smarter, faster, more cost-effective trials. EJS ACT-PD’s goal is to address this challenge, and fast-track trials in to treatments for Parkinson’s.

We want to transform and speed-up the testing of treatments that can slow or stop Parkinson’s

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Why is a transformation needed?                              


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How are EJS ACT-PD addressing this challenge?

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