Outcome Measures

What is the Role of the Outcome Measures Working Group?

Our Outcome Measures Working Group is responsible for selecting the primary, secondary, interim and exploratory outcome measures for the trial. The measures chosen must be clinically relevant, meaningful to patients, meet regulatory requirements and be accessible for use.

    Meet the Chair

    Professor Anette Schrag

    Professor Schrag is Professor of Clinical Neurosciences and Consultant Neurologist at University College London. 

    Prof. Schrag’s research has focused on movement disorders, including biomarker studies to improve early diagnosis, clinical trials to reduce symptoms and progression, and the developing tools for the measurement of clinical features. She has pioneered a patient-centred approach in assessing outcomes of clinical trials in Parkinson’s disease and the inclusion and development of patient-oriented outcome measures in other movement disorders.

    Professor Schrag leads our Outcome Measures Working Group in determining the best primary, secondary and exploratory measures for use in the EJS ACT-PD trial.

      Members of this working group


      Rimona Weil, Deputy Chair University College London
      Daniel van Wamelen, Early Career Researcher Kings College London
      Caroline Williams Gray University of Cambridge
      Michele Hu University of Oxford
      Lynn Rochester Newcastle University
      Paola Piccini Imperial College London
      Henrik Zetterberg Univerity College London
      Alastair Noyce Queen Mary University of London
      Caroline S. Clarke University College London
      Michael Lawton University of Bristol
      Matthew Burnell Medical Research Council Clinical Trials Unit, London
      Ashwani Jha Univerity College London
      Brook Huxford Queen Mary University of London
      Carroll Siu PPI member, Kent
      Michèle Bartlett PPI member, Surrey