Accelerating Clinical Trials in Parkinson's

What is EJS ACT-PD?

This video provides an introduction to the EJS ACT-PD Initiative from our project co-leads: Professor Tom Foltynie (University College London) and Professor Camille Carroll (University of Plymouth).

(Subtitles available by clicking on the icon at the bottom of the video)

Latest Updates

Annual Event

We recently held the EJS ACT-PD Annual Event in June 2022, a brilliant day where consortium members from across the world came together to celebrate the progress made since our launch event in 2021. Our members presented the project’s developments so far, collaborated on next steps and participated in a consortium-wide discussion to align our goals. The day was a great success and we are so grateful to all of our brilliant members for their dedication to the EJS ACT-PD Initiative.  

Communications Team

We are excited to have recently set up our Communications subgroup! The group is comprised of members from each Working Group and the Core Management Team to include a range of different stakeholder perspectives. The Communications group have been tasked with devising the project’s overall communication strategy, engagement with our target audiences and improving internal communications processes. We are looking forward to bringing you further project updates soon!                                          

Site Scoping Survey

Our Infrastructure Working Group have recently disseminated the EJS ACT-PD ‘Site Scoping Survey’ to clinical sites across the UK. This survey includes questions on a range of topics, and aims to assess sites’ capacity and capability to deliver Parkinson’s research. The results will help us to identify future sites for participation in the trial, as well as any areas that might need further support. If you are a site interested in conducting neurological research – contact us to find out more.

Project Overview

The EJS ACT-PD Consortium is comprised of 6 Working Groups, an overarching Steering Group and an International Advisory Group. Whilst each Working Group is focused on a specific element of the project, they work collaboratively to reach consensus on all decisions made.

Associated Partners